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 Editable Certificate Template

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You don’t need to worry about the choices. It should be easy for you to find the choices. In fact, you can easily find free certificate template for different categories, from academic subjects, sports, to business, and special events. With choices on blank certificate template, you can find the design that is suitable to your course or event. Whether it’s for academic course, sports game, or business achievement, you only need to pick the template, download, and print it. You only need to add your students or employees’ name on the certificate. Within minutes, you already have those certificates to be given to your students. It’s simple and free…

 Christmas Gift Certificate Template

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Christmas Gifts and Its History

History of Christmas Gifts Throughout the World and Times

The practice of exchanging gifts with friends and relatives on a very special wintry day, called Christmas, began in ancient northern Europe and Rome. These customs were started by people giving each other small presents as a part of the celebrations at the end of each year. And, as we learn more about Christmas gifts and its history, later versions tell of the nature of gifts and gift giving changing during the ages. More current versions have it that the celebrations of Christmas began during 1860s and Victorian ruling era when members of a family would get together and exchange gifts. And, although those gifts were very modest for those days, it was the bonding and love that it fostered that were the most important goals…

Christmas Gifts History

Even in the earliest times, these gifts for Christmas were placed under the Christmas tree. Totally separate and distinct from the enjoyment of receiving gifts, the tastefully and gaily wrapped packages were, even then, a thrill and joy for the eyes. Reading about the history of Christmas gifts ensures we are mindful that there are particular times for offering and exchanging gifts. Typically, these presents are given on the Christmas Eve, Christmas day, or on St. Nicholas Day…

Gifts for Christmas from Around the World

Since Christmas is strictly a religious occasions in many places around the world, like Holland, the giving of gifts to friends and family is done on St. Nicholas day. Other countries like Poland, German, and others, the kids are fortunate since they have two gifts giving occasions. The 1st being on December 5th, when smaller gifts are usually given. However, on the 2nd occasion, Christmas Eve, these countries like Hungary use the same criteria as the U.S., except the gifts are ‘given by Jesus’ and not Santa Claus. Spain, for example, has its tradition of gifts giving on January 6th, which is consider the Epiphany. New Years Eve is the big day for the Russian…

Scandinavian Shoe Gift Giving Tales

In Scandinavia, kids leave their shoes at the hearth, and this custom that can be traced to he long told legends about St. Nicholas. One version of the legend has three poor sisters who had no money for a dowry; therefore they could not marry. So, legend has it that to save them from being sold by their father, Saint Nicholas left gold coins for each of the sisters. It is said that one sister went down the chimney, landing in a pair of shoes left on the hearth, while another sister proceed through a window, landing in a pair of stockings that had been left to dry hanging by the fire…

Saturnalia Roman Ceremonies for Gifts

The festivities of solstice in the Roman ceremonies of Saturnalia were the origin of our Christmas celebrations and where they exchanged gifts. This theory of exchanging of gifts comes from the three magi written about in the Bible, when Christmas was a very solemn event during the previous centuries. The Christians were reminded by religious puritans that the Magi gave gifts to Jesus only and not to family members or to each other. All this has become a commercial phenomenon, primarily because Christmas really became widely popular during the last century and the celebration of Christ’s birth was incorporated with the solstice festivities outside the official church…

Modern Day Christmas Gifts Shopping

For current day Christmas shopping, it has become quite hectic and always a rush for most people. Here’s some interesting facts about Christmas shopping, gift giving, and gift receiving:
* 86% of Christmas shoppers do not begin shipping until December;
* 70% of all shoppers do not save for Christmas giving at all;
* 87% make up their minds only at the point of purchase – only 13% plan ahead for their gifts;
* 30% purchase with some sort of credit card for buying Christmas goodies which is one of the leading causes for non-business bankruptcy; and
* Records reveal that those with low, medium, and high-income groups spend about the same amount on Christmas gifts…

 Gift Certificate Templates

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Take Your Business to the Next Level With Attractive Free Gift Certificate Templates

Want an easy way to boost your business sales? Start selling gift certificates to your existing customers, as well as your potential customers as they receive them for holiday gifts, “thank you” acknowledgments, and other occasions! It’s a great way to expand your business to those who may not have heard of you, and get them in your door – and it can all be done without significant expense with free gift certificate templates…

 Free Customizable Gift Certificate Template

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Making your own customized-gift-certificate is just a matter of choosing the right give-away certificate template, filling in your details and printing them out. This is an inexpensive way of giving gifts to people you care about in a unique way. You can use your own creativity to come up with designs that describe either your personality or your company…

 Gift Certificates Templates

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It is also advisable to have a variety of certificates available considering the fact that different employees will have different tastes and needs. Gift certificates from book stores, music stores, electronics stores, sporting goods stores, clothing stores, etc should all be available so as to reach a number of different number of tastes and sensibilities. So, keep a variety of certificates on hand and then hand them out to those employees who are doing the company a world of good!

 Award Certificate Templates

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Award certificates are most often available in 8.5″ x 11″ letter size or A4 (European) size. Some stationery retailers also offer 2UP and 3UP certificates which feature two and three certificates per sheet respectively, separated by perforated lines. The advantage of using smaller certificates is that you can print out your certificates much faster and efficiently. Due to their size, they are also a fun material to use when making kids certificates…

 Free Certificate Templates for Word

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The format and layout of your documents are up to you – the designer. Use your imagination, photographs and lots of clip art…

 Word Certificate Template

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certificate expiration: this might not be legal in your state/country. Check your legal regulations or an attorney for this. If it is legal, you might want to include a certificate expiration date, to avoid having certificates out in the open for years. One year from now is a good default. Mention “expiration date: 2012-03-17″…

 Certificate of Achievement Template

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Most kind person

 Certificate of Authenticity Template

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With today’s printing technology, it certainly would be easy to duplicate a publisher’s certificate and /or alter the original information. So what good are these certificates?

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